Yürüyen Merdiven Asansör Dikine Taşıma Platformu


Löher, who established as a small-scale workshop in Izmir-Turkey 55 years ago and reached outstanding achievements in its sector by continuous improvement and development since 1967, joined the Meteor Grup of Companies in 2022 and now continues its activities as Meteor Löher.

Meteor Grup operates in Retail, Construction, Energy, IT, Tourism, Agriculture and Industry sectors with its brand collaborations and subsidiaries.

Continuing its ventures and investments in many fields today, Meteor Grup is pretty determined for a sustainable future by taking strength from its past experience and knowledge while stepping into new sectors, contributing to the development of the country's economy.

As of 2022, Meteor Löher is confident and comitted to become the leading company of the sector by making new breakthroughs in elevator and escalator solutions within the Meteor Grup.

Meteor Löher is ready to achieve new outcomes like before, as a reliable partner with its professional team, technology, knowledge and experience, customer and solution focus for all its stakeholders in the field of elevators and escalators which are the essential parts of multi-storey buildings today.

Technical Support

Design and Planning

To maintain the costs as excellent in your building and project contact with design team.

Setting Up

To manage setting up from production to the instalment, we provide setting up processes by the engineer team in their expertise.


To ensure that it is obtained safely and continuously, to provide renewal and modernization service for living water.

What we have done?

We have completed projects in a lot of fields such as shopping malls, airport, underground and we are going on. We provide products in specific measurements according to the expectations of our customers.



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